09 Sep 2015

The Group Managing Director of Courteville Business Solutions Plc, Mr. Adebola Akindele officially unveiled the company’s diversification plans in terms of spread across other countries at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) which held on Tuesday August 25, 2015. This much he confirmed at the CNBC studio where he was interviewed on Tuesday 26th of August, 2015 on the subject of Courteville’s diversification strategy. He was pleased to announce that the company had begun operations in Jamaica and it had broken even after 3 months of operations which will evidently set the tone for the company’s bid to break into the Caribbean in the nearest feature.
Mr. Akindele also stated that Courteville had developed the Nigerian version of its Central Insurance Industry Database (CIID) solution for the Zimbabwean market and looks to begin operation on the 7th of September, 2015. This is part of its plans to spread into Southern Africa after its exploits as an I.T giant in West Africa. When asked why the company chose to launch in Zimbabwe first in its drive to spread into Southern Africa, Mr. Akindele responded saying that it was where Courteville was first given the chance to show what they can do.
The vastly experienced Bola Akindele also mentioned that Kenya had been earmarked next for operations in East Africa and there’s already a correspondence office in place to start the push into that region.