06 Jun 2022


At the formal launch of the book ‘Musings Of The Muse’ written by the Group Managing Director of Courteville Business Solutions,  Dr Adebola Akindele, four panelists sat to discuss what really matters when searching to build success, wealth and purpose.

According to the Author, who is an outstanding entrepreneur, ‘Musings Of The Muse’ is a compendium of original thoughts and insightful ideas on leadership, management and life gotten from over three decades of corporate experience in employment and entrepreneurship in the murky African business environment.

Dr Akindele while speaking to the media explained that inspiration to write the book was born out of passion to help the younger generation understand some of the choices that worked while building his career, some failures that later led to success on his life journey.

In his words, “For some of us who have to learn our way through what we have been in our careers and life without much guidance from mentors or role models, we have to ensure that lessons learned, even the failures and successes has to be documented to be used in training others that are coming up.

“The young ones today are lucky to have a lot of mentors. In different sectors, I have been called many times to write and talk about things that have worked for me in my career, things that have worked for others that I know and this is part of what I wrote in the Forward of the Book ‘Musings Of The Muse’. These experiences are different from the purview of any foreign text books. These thoughts of mine can be seen as home grown tenets of how businesses can be done and how life can be lived and what we are all about as human beings. They are real life experiences that have worked which I believe would encourage others who maybe going through the same things in their different careers or endeavours. We cannot continue to allow history to teach or direct people,” he said.

The book review and unveiling event which took place at Naval Dockyard, Victoria Island, Lagos, had the presence of the Managing Director of Management Transformation, Wura Abiola; CEO Nibra Designs Limited, Irunna Ejibe, Jude Onochie and Founder of High Impact Careers, Dr Dipo Awojide as the panelists. The two women and men panel, moderated by Bright Ukwenga gave different in-depth analysis of the theme, success, wealth and purpose. Wura Abiola (pH.D) explained that success in her opinion is in the lived impacted positively in journey of life.

While reviewing the book, Chairman and founder of Proshare LLC, Olufemi Awoyemi explained that Akindele’s book could not have come at a better time, stressing that in the present post- COVID-19 world where the economy, social and governance are moving rapidly, finding a synthesis of ideas that can help individuals and institutions navigate the bewildering changes will add value to the growth of the society.

Speaking further about his understanding of Being successful and being wealthy, Awoyemi stated that success, sometimes does not mean being financially stable.”Success is being able to reach ones purpose and goal. You should also be fulfilled by reaching the goals and ideals you set on the way to achieve these purpose.”In achieving success, you will also have contentment. In our society, we often assume that everybody that has money is successful but, having money and being successful are two different things. You might be successful and not have the financial muscle.

“In my own case, I run a company called Proshare. We are far from where we will like to be. Am I comfortable? Yes, I am. Am I fulfilled? No. Have I achieved what I want to achieve? I will say we have substantially almost there, because I benchmarked that we should be a continental brand and so far, we are not where I want us to be yet. The panel was trying to say that to be successful and fulfilled, you have to align, your purpose, your goals to understand your journey. If you spend your journey chasing money, you may end up changing the purpose of your goal,” he said.

Before becoming the Group Managing Director of Courteville Investment, Dr Akindele worked with Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN where he rose to become Treasurer/Financial Controller of Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme (ACGS).

The book was officially unveiled by a Royal Father of the day, Alake of Egba Land, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo.


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