28 Aug 2017

First time I read about you, I had this subtle thought that there is no way a Nigerian CEO could be this forward thinking. It was a HOAX I thought. Then I met you and I was certain you are just as rare as they say; the outlier. You became a mentor and a friend, sparking my interests in Business and the Psychology of Business. Since then I have gone on to read books and created for myself a business mindset. The years in France has given the time to immerse myself. I learnt that a tech guru, no matter how “guru”, without a business mindset is just another programmer. Well, you have also been a father. I remember “throwing” away your IPhone in Paris. While I beat myself up for it, you were so calm and loving. That IPhone still hunts my sleep. Today you are Lagos Man of the Year and I can proudly say, no one deserved it more.